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Born in Brazil


Iracema, child of the Brazilian forest, in total harmony with nature, is Brazil’s most beloved heroine. Adored for her natural elegance and beauty, she is the inspiration behind Chá Iracema. Imagined by brazilian writer José de Alencar in the 19th century, Iracema (pronounced ee-ra-say-ma) means “honey lips” in guarani, an indigenous dialect from South America.


Maté, the healthiest plant on earth, was originally discovered in Brazil and is there known to be of the highest quality. “chá” (pronounced sha) is the portuguese word for tea. Believed to be the drink of “gods”, chá maté was once reserved for tribal chiefs. The legacy continued to grow and still today, is known as the green gold of Brazil.


A natural organic delicacy


Chá Iracema’s maté is a native, wild plant hand-selected in the heart of brazil’s southernmost rainforest. Our exceptional variety, which only flourishes in the shade, possesses legendary therapeutic virtues.


Our maté is a natural stimulant and antioxidant; as well as a fairtrade product, which is certified one hundred percent organic. With higher active compound levels than those found in green tea, our maté is rich in vitamins A, C, E, B2, B3, and B5, as well as minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium and manganese.

Maté contains over fifteen amino acids as well as powerful elements such as carotene, chlorophyll, and tannins, which naturally strengthen the body’s defenses and stimulate the immune system.


Maté’s complementary energetic qualities have detoxifying, slimming and toning benefits, while also enhancing concentration. An invigorating, healthy and vibrant experience for the body and mind, Chá Iracema’s maté can be enjoyed throughout the day to reawaken and revitalize.


A pleasure to savor hot or cold 


Chá Iracema offers two refined varieties of maté, both to be prepared as infusions and enjoyed as either hot and cold beverages.


We suggest steeping the tea for three minutes at 80°c (176°f).


Our green maté is freshly cut and transports us to the heart of the plant, it is particularly refreshing and uplifting. As it matures, it develops a delightful, full-bodied aroma.

Our toasted maté is the same green maté plant however toasted and slightly smoked revealing nutty notes. This variety has a generously layered taste with a long finish.


Chá Iracema is the creation of Jeanne Iracema.

Pursuing an early curiosity for natural gems, Jeanne Iracema holds a degree from the Gemological Institute of America. She spent many years enamored by the natural precious stones. As a gemologist and custom jewelry designer, she traveled worldwide looking eager to always discover new treasures. Guided by her franco-brazilian heritage Jeanne Iracema created Chá Iracema.

Her passion and unique artistic direction led her to create the finest aesthetic union and most delicate taste. An evolution of her maté, Jeanne began expressing her environment through curated events for renowned clients. Today, Jeanne is given carte blanche and fully explores her role as an experience curator with her distinct aesthetic and energy.

Continuously infusing her Brazilian vibrance and her parisienne sophistication, Jeanne health coach (IIN graduate from prestigious Ny school) now offers wellness retreats which focus on creating magical moments of health and self discovery.



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