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Our events highlight the Chá Iracema universe.
With a distinct eye for detail, our unique experiences are founded in harmony with nature, celebrating it.

Each event is specifically designed with health in mind.

Together with elements of delightful pleasure, a warm yet sophisticated experience is brought to life.
Floral art, unique healthy cocktails, and creative imaginings such as edible flowered ice and maté balls are a few of the elements Chá Iracema’s founder Jeanne Iracema infuses into her uniquely tailored occasions.

Introducing with so much attention and respect the most powerful natural organic ingredients from around the world, carefully selected for its natural benefits.

Our healthy bars offer warm and cold organic infusions as well as juices, shakes and energetic shots. We also propose delicious and healthy food to complete the experience, all while creating an elegant scenography through plants, crystals and our bright, vibrant energy.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.


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